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Updated mathjax not rendering on github preview 2

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......@@ -79,11 +79,11 @@
"* Temperature variable _(temp)_ is computed using the following equation: \n",
"\\frac{t−t{min}}{t{max}−t{min}}, t{min}=−8, t{max}=+39\n",
"\\frac{t−t_{min}}{t_{max}−t_{min}}, t_{min}=−8, t_{max}=+39\n",
"* Absolute temperature variable _(atemp)_: \n",
"\\frac{t−t{min}}{t{max}−t{min}}, t{min}=−16, t{max}=+50\n",
"\\frac{t−t_{min}}{t_{max}−t_{min}}, t_{min}=−16, t_{max}=+50\n",
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