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Add eda functions

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from .word_cloud import word_cloud
from wordcloud import WordCloud, STOPWORDS
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
def word_cloud(text, figsize=(17, 8), width=500, height=500,
stopwords=None, bg_color=None, ax=None,
"""Generate wordcloud given text corpus
text : str
Text corpus to be plotted
figsize : tuple, default=(17, 8)
Figure size of the subplot
width : float, default=500
Desired width of the wordcloud
height : float, default=500
Desired height of the wordcloud
stopwords : iterable, default=None
Stopwords to be used, if None uses wordcloud's default
bg_color : str, default=None
Background color to be used. If None, sets this as
"rgba(255, 255, 255, 0)"
ax : matplotlib.Axes, default=None
Set axes if wc is to be plotted on an axes
**kwargs : other keyword arguments
Other keyword arguments to pass on the word cloud
fig, ax : matplotlib figure and axes
Figure and axes of the subplots
# Initialize subplots
if ax is None:
fig, ax = plt.subplots(figsize=figsize)
fig = plt.gcf()
# Set stopwords
if stopwords is None:
stopwords = set(STOPWORDS)
if bg_color is None:
bg_color = "rgba(255, 255, 255, 0)"
# Initialize WordCloud class
wc = WordCloud(
# Generate visualization
ax.imshow(wc, interpolation='bilinear')
return fig, ax
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