Commit 23e6d82f authored by Lorenzo, Leodegario U. II's avatar Lorenzo, Leodegario U. II
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Take absolute of coefficients before taking the mean

parent dc506ff4
......@@ -749,8 +749,8 @@ class MLModels:
# For class with coefficients
if feature_coef:
# Get mean value of coefficients
self.coef = np.mean(all_coef, axis=0).mean(axis=0)
self.all_coef = np.mean(all_coef, axis=0)
self.coef = np.mean(np.abs(all_coef), axis=0).mean(axis=0)
self.all_coef = np.mean(np.abs(all_coef), axis=0)
def run_classifier(X, labels, feature_names=None, C=None, max_depth=None,
n_neighbors=None, use_methods=None, n_trials=100,
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