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"Using the webapp of TSPI's Loan Collection Strategy"
1. There are three (3) pages: Home, About and Data
2. Home - this page discusses the current situation of the company's loan collection,
goal/purpose of the strategy, methodology use, and solution
3. About - this page is simply who, why and how the company is. Created this page solely
to introduce the stakeholder which is also the same details from their website
4. Data - this is where the user will see the result of the RFM analysis on a Branch
level with the nine (9) types of client as identified through RFM with the loan amount (aggregated).
5. The company has the data where each client is tagged on what type his or her loan account at present
and using this app, they can easily visualize and identify the "bad" performing branches based on value
and focus their efforts on these branches and the specific clients.
1. PAR - Portfolio at Risk are accounts that are delayed in payment or collections
1. In order to understand the web app, please click on Home button on the top view
2. If you wish to know more about the company, please click on About page.
3. You can also learn more about the company in their facebook page when you click
the facebook icon in any of the pages on the bottom right.
4. The most important part is in the Data page, please click this page.
Data Page Instructions for non-employees of the company:
1. You will see the result of the RFM on a branch level with the corresponding
amount in millions for each type of client (aggregated) which is nine (9).
It is already arranged in descending other based on total delayed collection amount.
2. Bottom of the table is a simple bar graph to highlight the branches with high pending collections
3. If you wish to focus on collections for a client type, there is an option
to delete columns
4. There is also an option if you wish to view the branches in descending or ascending
based on a type of client
5. Once the user has filtered the table on his or her preference, there is an option to
export to a csv file
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