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# Instructions
1. RFM analysis was done and can be see in indiv.ipynb
2. Open Terminal
3. Go to the directory where is located
4. It will take a few seconds to run in Flask
5. Open another Terminal
6. Go to the directory where is located
7. It will take a few minutes ro run un Flask. Loading of the multiple dash datatables takes time.
8. On your browser type -
9. You should be directed to the Home Page where a mini or short technical report on the project for an actual NGO
10. Click on About Page if you further wish to know about the NGO, description or details were from their website
11. You could also see a facebook icon on the lower right in the Home and About pages which will open another tab to their facebook page.
12. Lastly, click on Data Page, these contains four (4) data tables. It contains a summary of their PAR (Portfolio at Risk) accounts
, which is the subject of the study, summary/results of the type of clients based on RFM Analysis, summary at the branch level and the complete
data with tags of what type of client.
13. All of these can be manipulated through its interactive features based on what the company
or the user would wish to like for the strategy on where and who will be collected first.
14. All tables can also be exported
15. Thank you.
Note: I did not include the raw file which was used in the indiv.ipynb file as it is too large but can be requested if needed.
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# DAW Option Project MSDS2020
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